Carbon $500 Exclusive Freeroll For all PFO Linked Players

Friday :: December 2, 2011

This tournament will be restricted to all poker accounts signed up at Carbon Poker through PFO. Your PFO forum status for this event will have no effect on your availability, it's strictly for players signed up through PFO. To verify your tag you should be able to login to Carbon.....

$50 Added PFO Welcome Back Freeroll

Wednesday :: November 23, 2011

This will be our first PFO Exclusive Freeroll of 2011, and will mark the return of the PFO Forum and it's members. This event will be open to all former and new Active Members, and the password will be posted 30 mins before the event starts right here. To get Active Member st.....

New Ownership at PFO - New Rooms Added

Saturday :: October 22, 2011

I just wanted to drop a note real quick to let everyone know that there's a new sheriff in town. My name is AJ, and I'm from Canada... nice to meet all of you. Anyway, I'm working on a new design and some great promos, stay tuned......

PFO PokerStars HomeGames

Wednesday :: February 9, 2011

You are invited to join the PFO Poker Club for Home Games online. Starting March 1st we'll be hosting regular Home Game tournaments with added money for the top league finishers. .....

OFC Ultimate Bet GGE vs UB Pros

Sunday :: December 12, 2010

GGE vs. UB Pros $2K Freeroll, Dec 12th.  Preregistration opening Wed Nov 10th.  Get all the info you need to register in the forum......

Rush Poker Week at FTP

Monday :: November 29, 2010

Running from Mon, Nov 29th thru Sun, Dec 5th.  Get all the details in the forum......

OFC 139-140 DoylesRoom Event 3

Saturday :: September 18, 2010

Dinner with Doyle League 3rd Event Sep 18 $1K Freeroll, Sep 19 $1K added buying. Registration now open. Get all the info you need to register in the forum......

OFC 137-138 DoylesRoom Event 2

Saturday :: August 14, 2010

Dinner with Doyle League 2nd Event Sat, Aug 14th 3pm EDT, $1K Freeroll Sun, Aug 15th 3pm EDT, $1K Added Buyin Registration open now. Get instructions in the PFO forum thread......

OFC 135-136 DoylesRoom Event 1

Saturday :: July 17, 2010

OFC at Doyles Room - Download and register now!!!

2K Freeroll - Sat July 17th 3pm ET and 2K Buyin - Sun July 18th


Doyle's League II

Sunday :: June 6, 2010

Second season of Doyles Room League scheduled to start on June 6th.  Download Doyles now and be ready for a variety of .....

Badugi Rules

Friday :: September 26, 2008


Originating in Asia, Badugi (Badougi or Padooki) is becoming increasingly popular in North America. Badugi is a form of draw poker nearly identical to triple draw, but with different hand rankings. The betting structure is identical to a standard poker game.....

The Beginners Guide to Ace-Rag

Thursday :: September 18, 2008

I am sure most of you have been baffled many times by the crazy and just downright stupid play many new players have when it comes to playing Ace-Rag.

What is Ace-Rag? Ace-Rag is mostly known as Ace paired with a 9 or lower card that is usually unsuited. Calling raises .....

Firing That Third Bullet!

Friday :: September 5, 2008

Oh the freakin agony! "My God do you ever fold?" you scream at the monitor as the calling station from hell shows you down with pocket ducks on your huge river bet with 5 over cards to his pair on the board.

SERIOUSLY DUDE!!! You showed strength preflop raising.....

Building a Bankroll From Freerolls

Thursday :: August 14, 2008

So you are broke, just a beginner, or cannot find a way to deposit into a site and you have turned to freerolls as a way to win real money. Don�t worry that you are sometimes called a �freeroll whore�, �bonus whore� or �free loader�. You can now turn those freeroll .....

Non Holdem SNGs

Monday :: November 26, 2007

Before embarking on the long and perilous journey of non Holdem single table tournaments you must first make sure you have the time and patience to complete it.

Pot Limit Omaha is one of the toughest games to play in a single table format. You should only see 20-30 perce.....

How To Play Colorado Poker

Wednesday :: October 24, 2007

The basic format of Colorado is a combination of Texas Hold’em and Seven Card Stud. There are two significant differences: first, rather than five community cards as in Texas Hold’em there are only four community cards; secondly, rather than the river card being dealt face up as .....

Didn't See That Coming

Monday :: August 13, 2007

"OMG you donkey!"
" How in the Hell could you play that?"
" You're a tool and will lose all your money in the long run playing like that!"

These are some of the colorful quotes of the player usually exiting a tournament when their JJ was humbled by that MA.....

Raise, Call, Fold: What do they all mean?

Friday :: June 29, 2007

Make sure you do not constantly limp in on hands, because calling shows weakness. Even when faced with a raise, you should reraise or fold, because the raiser controls the hand. Exceptions to this rule would be if there are two or more raisers and you find yourself with a medium .....

Important Skills Every Poker Player Should Have

Thursday :: June 28, 2007

To be able to win frequently at poker, you need to be disciplined. You have to be able to have the self-control possible to wait for a good hand, and not rush in, chips flying. It means you play alert, focused, take advantage of opportunities, and let go of the hands in which you.....