Friday :: September 26, 2008
Badugi Rules

Originating in Asia, Badugi (Badougi or Padooki) is becoming increasingly popular in North America. Badugi is a form of draw poker nearly identical to triple draw, but with different hand rankings. The betting structure is identical to a standard poker game; the only difference is that a Badugi hand is composed of only 4 cards, whereas a traditional poker game has 5 cards. There are 3 drawing rounds during which time players are given the option of discarding 0,1,2,3 or their entire hand, in exchange for the equivalent amount of cards from the deck. Once at showdown the best Badugi hand wins the pot.

Sample Round

1- Each player is dealt four cards.
2- Players are given the option to Raise, Call, or Fold.
3- The players now are given the choice to discard up to their entire hand, in order to receive new card/s.
4- Once everyone has drawn, a betting round is needed to determine who will stay in the hand.
5- The remaining players are free to draw again.
6- The third and final round of betting takes place.
7- The showdown where players show their hands and the best hand wins the pot.

Hand Value

Even though every player must have 4 cards, a Badugi hand can be made up of 1, 2, 3 or 4 cards! If your hand contains two cards of the same suit, the higher of the two must be discarded. (A is low) Any four card Badugi hand automatically beats a 3 card hand, and a 3 card hand beat a 2 card hand and so on. If two players have 4 eligible cards,  Badugi, the player with the highest card loses. (King is highest) If both players have the same highest card, the players next highest card is used to break the tie.


1- Blinds
2- First betting round predraw
3- First draw
4- Second betting round
5- Second draw
6- Third betting round
7- Third draw
8- Last betting round
9- Showdown

Badugi can be found in a few card rooms in limit format. The betting and blinds will still be identical to limit Holdem.
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