Monday :: November 26, 2007
Non Holdem SNGs
Before embarking on the long and perilous journey of non Holdem single table tournaments you must first make sure you have the time and patience to complete it.

Pot Limit Omaha is one of the toughest games to play in a single table format. You should only see 20-30 percent of the flops. Contrary to what people believe, you MUST NOT raise with pairs unless they are suited with the two other cards. This gives you many more outs without compromising your stack. Often raise with 3-4 face cards to help you make the nut straight. Smaller connectors won�t be worth it. Never slow play your hand. Even if you still need a card to complete your hand bet half or the full value of the pot.

Razz is the baby boomer of the modern poker era. If you want to make a lot of money in a short period of time this is the game for you. Razz demands the most patience if you want to be a consistent winner. The game was primarily played as a fold or raise. If you play lower limit you will get many callers. Take advantage of that by getting your money in with the nut or near nut hand.

Stud is a very hard game to play in a single table tournament format as someone is always raising. Try to watch your opponents face up cards, and remember what was folded! This is instrumental when chasing draws.

Stud hi/lo should be played after you�ve tried razz and stud. It is a fairly difficult game where the mathematically gifted thrive. Calculations are vital to success. If you are first starting out, I suggest that you either try to win the low hand or the high hand. Only when you are comfortable should you start with the psychological aspects of the game.
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