Thursday :: June 28, 2007
Important Skills Every Poker Player Should Have
To be able to win frequently at poker, you need to be disciplined. You have to be able to have the self-control possible to wait for a good hand, and not rush in, chips flying. It means you play alert, focused, take advantage of opportunities, and let go of the hands in which you lose your edge. A key component is to learn from your mistakes. Keeping your emotions in check is vital to playing amazing poker. Tilting is one of the worst and hardest things for a player to get out of.

You also need to watch your opponents every second that you sit at the table. It is recommended that you watch your future table from the sidelines, in order to get a better understanding of the playing style. At important hands where a lot of money is in the pot, watch how every player raises, calls, or folds. Watch their hand gestures, their facial expressions, etc. By knowing this you are guaranteed to acquire the edge you need to play winning poker.

No matter what level you are playing at, or what kind of players you are up against playing good poker involves being able to switch gears. If you’ve been playing relatively tight poker, you will have something known as bluff equity. Bluff equity basically means that you have room to bluff without necessarily getting caught while doing it. If you’ve been playing extremely aggressive/loose poker you should start mixing up your plays, to be able to rake in even more chips. Every few hands try to play polar opposite to how you’ve been playing. This will create confusion among your opponents. Make sure that you do not start a pattern however, because then they will catch on to you.

Being able to play only games in which you can afford to play is essential to being a steady winner. If you find yourself playing way too much and having more losing sessions than winning sessions, you’re probably a bad money manager or you could even be addicted to poker, at which point I suggest that you seek immediate help. You should generally have a bankroll of about 300 times the Big Bet (big blind). Anything less will not be enough to sustain your bankroll. I’d recommend even 1000 Big Bets for beginners, or just simply stick to freerolls. I took 6$ from a freeroll, and turned it into 8,000$ after two weeks, which is not bad for a 0$ investment!
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