Thursday :: August 14, 2008
Building a Bankroll From Freerolls
So you are broke, just a beginner, or cannot find a way to deposit into a site and you have turned to freerolls as a way to win real money. Don�t worry that you are sometimes called a �freeroll whore�, �bonus whore� or �free loader�. You can now turn those freeroll winnings into legitimate bankroll in a short amount of time.

Before thinking of actually building a poker bankroll and beginning to play real money tournaments, make sure you have a good understanding of NL holdem and other games, sit-n-gos, and multi-table tournaments.

The first step in starting a good bankroll from scratch is to find freerolls that can maximize your winnings in the least amount of time. Since they are all free, look for freerolls with low turnouts that offer good odds of placing in the money. A good place to start would be to research poker freerolls here at PFO. Private freerolls will most likely be your best bet due to the lower turnout and added money/bonuses to the prize pool. Begin playing freerolls to sharpen your skills and getting that bankroll started.

Ok, I have won money playing freerolls, so when should I begin playing the real money tournaments? I would say $150-$200 would be an ideal bankroll to start playing real money with. A tip to get you started: Lets say you have all this money at one site, I would cash this out and deposit at a new site for the first time to take advantage of the bonus offer. Make sure you read the terms and conditions of many poker sites to see what requirements they have for cashing out freeroll winnings. Some require a certain amount of raked hands or player points to be reached before cashing out.

For new players with a starting bankroll I would stick strictly to sit-n-gos until you can consistently place. Play buy-ins ranging from $3-$5, until your bankroll nears $400. You can then cashout $200 and keep playing at the same limits and repeating the process or up the buy-ins. Be aware that the play at higher buy-in sit-n-gos may be a lot different than the $5.50 or $11 sit-n-gos. As your game gets better try some multi-table tournaments as well as ring games. Ring games can be very dangerous however, because of the quick up and downs that are possible. You do not want to go on tilt and blow your money in just a few hands at a high limit table.

Remember to be patient, manage your bankroll, know your limit, and avoid tilt!
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