Thursday :: September 18, 2008
The Beginners Guide to Ace-Rag
I am sure most of you have been baffled many times by the crazy and just downright stupid play many new players have when it comes to playing Ace-Rag.

What is Ace-Rag? Ace-Rag is mostly known as Ace paired with a 9 or lower card that is usually unsuited. Calling raises and re-raises with Ace-Rag has become as common as going all in with Ace /Two in Omaha Hi/Lo. Most beginners tend to play with any two cards as long as one of them is an ace.

Here is the problem with Ace-Rag:

Lets say you are dealt A7 off. The player in front of you raise 3 times the blind and you instantly call and everybody else folds. The flop comes out A 10 4. You paired your aces and feel relieved. The player out in front bets. Now here lies the problem. Do they have an Ace as well with a higher kicker? There is really no way to find out. If you raise and he does have an AK or AQ, then he might put you all in. Lets say you just call their bet. Their next bet will be even bigger, do you still call. Most beginners would not fold this hand even if you told them what hand the other person had.

I am sure in every multi-table tournament you see a player go all-in, after flopping an ace, just to be called with an Ace and a higher kicker.

I was playing the other day online at Full Tilt and some player went all in with A6 prelfop. He got called by AQ, but ended hitting his 6 on the river to win the pot. At that point about 4 different players at the table bashed that play called that guy a donkey and what not. It was a horrible play, and even though they won with it, it will eventually bust them in the long run.

The best advice I can give to beginners is to avoid Ace-Rag until you know how to properly play any hand dealt to you and are not afraid to fold.
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